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OCTOBER 22, 2022 by nikita blanc
HeyEveryone founders on
HeyEveryone founders talk about SaaS, AI, investing, work and life balance and startup life
Are you preparing to raise funds? This #podcast is for you. We talk with Nikita and Tina Blanc from HeyEveryone - App for Investor Updates about their experience with apps, entrepreneurship, updating investors and one crazy apple story!
Huge thanks to Tatiana G. Bonneau and Tsani Gramatikova from SmartBranding for having us with Tina Blanc on this podcast! ???????? We really enjoyed sharing the story of our previous ventures and reasons why founders are signing up for the waitlist on our new one – HeyEveryone - App for Investor Updates.

#podcast #founders #heyeveryone #interview #investorupdates#smartbranding #vc #fundraising
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