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OCTOBER 19, 2022 by nikita blanc
HeyEveryone Joins NVIDIA Inception Program
Hey everyone,

Nikita from HeyEveryone here, and I have some exciting news!

I am thrilled to announce that HeyEveryone has joined NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups! It is one of the largest programs for tech startups, which provides support from top experts in the field and state-of-the-art tools that benefit the company's further growth. Moreover, it helps to connect with investors, provides marketing support, and much more.

HeyEveryone's primary goal is to help startup founders craft data-rich investor updates faster, saving up to 600 hours of their time per year.

NVIDIA is partnering with thousands of the most innovative companies worldwide that revolutionize breakthrough industries. We are happy to be acknowledged for our commitment to the development of the AI industry.

We are thankful for all the benefits provided by NVIDIA Inception, to note a few:

– Access to cutting-edge technologies and NVIDIA AI development, contributing to more effective training of our AI models that help with copies for your updates and further integrations.

– Training and guidance from first-rate experts. Everything is designed to help us learn from the best - who have done similar projects before. Now our AI engineers take regular consultations with NVIDIA experts to develop a more rapid and practical models for summarization and data-to-text descriptions.

– Valuable connections with potential investors in the investor ecosystem that allow us to explore countless funding opportunities.

– Connections with experienced advisors who empower startups at every life cycle stage. They help us perfect our development strategy, advise on the deployment of improved models into production, which tools to use for the promotion to increase the company's visibility, etc.

Now, Heyeveryone team is focused on accelerating the process of go-to-market strategy. We're ready and excited to see rapid growth in the following months, as NVIDIA provides us with the best tools for improvement.

Nikita Blanc
HeyEveryone Inc.

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