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december 31, 2022 by by NICK SORICH
Boost Your Fundraising Odds by 66% with Warm Introductions
One of the most effective ways to get your foot in the door and connect with potential investors is through warm introductions – typically positive referrals from someone the investor trusts and values, such as a trusted colleague or industry insider.
Warm introductions provide the credibility and trust that cold outreach efforts cannot and can help you quickly connect with the right people. With a successful warm introduction, you can start working on your product within a few weeks rather than waiting for months to make progress through cold outreach efforts.

Overall, warm intros help cut through the noise and increase the chances of meeting with an investor. Investors are often inundated with pitches and proposals, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

After your company is introduced by someone trusted, the investor is more likely to take the time to listen to your pitch and consider investing in your company.

So how can you go about securing warm introductions to potential investors? Here are a few tips:

  • Build relationships with industry insiders and thought leaders. This could involve attending industry events, joining relevant online communities or forums, or simply reaching out to industry insiders and offering how you can be helpful to them. It is all about networking!
  • Utilize your network of colleagues, acquaintances, and advisors. They may introduce you to investors they have worked with or provide valuable advice on how to approach potential investors.
Pro-tip: you also can ask for help in your investor update! The main point is to be specific in your request. Not just "I need someone with a few years of market research experience," but "We are searching for a data scientist with a minimum of 3 years of experience working with LTV analysis".

  • Leverage your existing investors: If you already have investors on board, they may be willing to make introductions on your behalf because of how amazing your company is! This can be especially valuable if they have strong relationships with other investors in the industry.
How to motivate them to do so? Include Shoutouts in your updates. Recognizing and publicly thanking people for their efforts can make them feel valued and appreciated. This way, you make others want to be recognized and helpful too.

In summary, warm introductions can be a powerful tool for connecting with potential investors and ultimately securing funding for your company. By building relationships with industry insiders step-by-step and leveraging your existing network, you increase your chances of getting a meeting or closing your next round 2-5 times faster. Then, you only need to pitch the company to the investors successfully!

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