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november 21, 2022 by DIANE BALDIN
5 Hacks: How to Make The Most Out Of Your Investor Updates

Include a Blurb in Your Intro Section
The blurb is the first thing investors see when they open an email from you every month.
Add Your Call Booking Link
Honestly, it's a game-changer. By adding a Calendly link, you show that you are always open to feedback and communication. Always include something like this in the end: "I'm happy to catch up! Here's my Calendly link. It's easier than exchanging multiple emails back and forth to book a time. Just pick a slot that works best for you, and we'll chat soon!"
Describe Charts And Show Dynamics
Note that through data visualization, investors can easily see over time. They like working with companies that show growth, and scalability. Your update should show that! You can provide more helpful information by describing your progress since the last update on improving these metrics.

Here's an example of a Net Income in an update.
Do Kudos
By thanking the people who have helped you, they are more likely to help you again. The ones who didn't help you may also feel more inclined to lend a hand to receive a mention in future updates.

It is essential to recognize individual contributions. Sharing such information will make your employees/partners feel valued and open them up to investors.

New hires are also great additions to any team, and they will appreciate being welcomed by people outside their company.

This post has equipped you with the knowledge and inspiration to create an awesome update. Keep writing and good luck!
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